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We generally follow the rates determined by the Norwegian Health Economics Administration (HELFO), valid from 01-JUL-2023:

Evaluation *

1907 NOK

Therapy 30 minutes

608 NOK

Therapy 45 minutes

913 NOK

Therapy 60 minutes

1219 NOK

*Assessment/evaluation costs may vary depending on the case.

Appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment in order to avoid that the appointment will be billed the client.

HELFO, private or health insurance

I have a RTV agreement for coverage through HELFO.  The Norwegian Health Economics Administration (HELFO) is a sub-ordinate institution directly linked to the Norwegian Directorate of Health.  I also work with clients that pay privately or have coverage through their Expatriate Health Insurance for Speech and/or Language Therapy.

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