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I am a Certified Hanen Speech-Language Pathologist that provides evidence based training to parents and early childhood educators to promote language, social and literacy skills in young children.

Hanen for Parents
  • It Takes Two To Talk, birth-5 years: Children with language delays or disorders

  • Target Word, 18 months-30 months: Children who are late talkers

  • More Than Words, under 5 years of age: Children on the autism spectrum

  • Talkability, 3 years-7 years of age: High functioning autism or asperger syndrome

Hanen for Early Childhood Educators
  • Learning Language and Loving It: Learn to facilitate children's social, language and emergent literacy development in the classroom

  • ABC and Beyond: Learn how to promote emergent literacy skills during daily, naturalistic interactions

Additional Workshops
  • Understanding Dyslexia

  • The Multilingual Family

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